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Who are you, may one ask

Bo Thomsen Developer

Mainly backend developer, self taught. My speciality is applications that handles large amount of data and to create REST based APIs to serve it. But when I’m not creating web applications, I’m learning OpenGL and Rendering Programming. My skills include web technologies (REST, PHP, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML, CSS and Javascript) and C++ programming, but I do have some knowledge of C#, Ruby and Delphi. I believe I’m a fast learner so new languages and technologies Isn’t stopping me.
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Frederik Lassen Developer Tobias Wittusen Stryhn Designer

Frederik Lassen Developer

Self taught developer, sysadmin and hacker. I enjoy web development, scripting and native development. Skills include HTML/CSS/JavaScript/jQuery, PHP/MySQL/Nodejs with recent inclusion of Python and C#/Java/C++/Delphi. I also like to fire up Wireshark to troubleshoot issues as well as wrapping my head around complex subjects. Linux is my preferred OS. Oh, and did I mention that I’m a friendly guy too - I don’t byte! (pun intended)
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Bo Thomsen Developer Tobias Wittusen Stryhn Designer

Tobias Wittusen Stryhn Designer

My interests in Illution mainly lie within the feature development spectrum. I tend to get very creative when it comes to coding. Unfortunately I haven’t got any experience with on-hand coding, but I understand most of the boundaries when it comes to coding, which makes the development and design process of our projects interesting. I intend to learn some python, which I believe would be useful, as soon as I get the time.
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Bo Thomsen Developer Frederik Lassen Developer


News and announcements from Illution!

We have spent a lot of time the last week redesigning it, and we are now able to show it to the public.
We have redesigned everything from our icons and logo to the color scheme and style.
The goal was to create a sleek, modern good looking site, and we believe that we have reached that goal with our newest design.
Posted by Bo Thomsen.